Friday, March 4, 2011

More from the gig

Two great role models for Cambodian women, Mu Sochua (left) and Thida Buth Mam
A few more photos from last night's Parkway gig by The Like Me's. A great gig, my ears are still ringing this morning but I was a mite disappointed to hear that a few Khmers left before the band even made it onto the stage. I think it was just before 10pm that the rappers finally finished their inaudible shouting and left the stage for the main act, by which time most Khmers are normally safely tucked up in bed and snoring away. Anyways, they'll have a 2nd chance to see the band on Saturday at Koh Pich, where the b-boys of Tiny Toones will be joining them. It does seem that whenever there's a rock band playing in the city, a la Dengue Fever and The Like Me's, that Tony Re-al and Pou Khlaing get in on the act as well, so I'm hoping they're otherwise engaged on Saturday. No offense guys but I didn't pay to see you. At my time of life, rapping is not on my list of things to listen to, though judging by the younger element at last night's gig, I'm in the minority. I must admit I thought the youngsters from CLA would've had a bigger part in proceedings. A pity they didn't. Maybe next time.
With The Like Me's on stage, the posse of photographers and film cameras jostle for position
Enjoying the gig, the founder of Cambodian Living Arts, Arn Chorn-Pond with Mu Sochua
Both Arn Chord-Pond and Thida Mam appeared in the film Out of the Poison Tree
Laura Mam, daughter of Thida Mam, getting in the groove on stage
The Like Me's take time out to meet their fans after the gig. LtoR: Helena, Loren, Laura, Monique

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