Wednesday, March 16, 2011


You've got to hand it to Cambodia's officials for some hairbrained declarations, like the one I read today which effectively bans marriage for any foreign male over 50 years old and who doesn't earn at least $2,500 a month take home pay. If you fall down on either count, you won't be able to marry a local gal. A government spokesman said, "we do not want young Cambodian girls getting married to an old foreigner. I want a couple to look like a real couple, not like granddaughter and grandfather." Though of course getting married to a fat, old Cambodian government spokesman is not a problem. And the rules don't apply to foreign women marrying eligible Cambodian men. For the record, I'm 51. So it seems I've missed that particular boat. No unmarried Khmer girl will look at me twice if I mention my true age, not that any do now, but you get my drift.

On an entirely unrelated topic, 50 years ago today, Don Revie was appointed player-manager at Leeds United in a move that would have an effect on mine and many, many other lives. I was a Leeds United 'nut' as a kid and that was well and truly cemented when in 1970 my mum secretly sent a birthday card and a photo of me decked out in my Leeds kit to Don Revie and he arranged for the whole team, the Leeds team of legends like Billy Bremner, Jack Charlton, Terry Cooper and all, to sign my card - it was the best birthday present I ever had. I still have the card all these years later and the photo, signed on the back by The Don. I get a lump in my throat just writing this down. Few childhood memories have stuck with me, but that one is the one that comes to mind first.
For my 11th birthday, my mum sent this photo to Don Revie, which he sent back signed

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