Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Filming the Mayaguez Incident

Here's a bit of film news, from an official press release issued earlier today, though I hope to find out more tomorrow when I hook up with the film's producer Brendan Moriarty. The film Mayaguez is an action war film in pre-production for filming in Cambodia later this year, and a cinema release in mid-1012. Written by James Larson, the son of legendary Glen Larson, it's being produced by the director of the film The Road to Freedom, Brendan Moriarty. The latest movie's timeline was May 1975 and the last official battle of the Vietnam War when an American merchant ship was seized by Khmer Rouge forces off the coast of Cambodia and the subsequent controversy over the handling of the crisis by the US military. 18 US personnel (plus another 23 in a helicopter crash) lost their lives in the Mayaguez Incident. Producer Moriarty's last film The Road to Freedom was based on the final days of Sean Flynn and Dana Stone, two photojournalists who disappeared in Cambodia in 1970.

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