Friday, March 18, 2011

Don't miss Sospiri

Sam Sathya, kneeling, in teacher mode during my recent visit to the University of Fine Arts
I can't make it to tonight's opening performance, but I'll bust a gut to get there tomorrow to see the wonderful Sam Sathya and Yon Chantha in a contemporary piece they have developed with theatre facilitator Bob Ruijzendaal. The performance is called Sospiri and will feature piano works by composer Franz Liszt. It's being hosted tonight at Meta House and tomorrow night at the same venue, starting at 7pm and with free admission. Chantha is an artist I have great hopes for in the contemporary scene that is taking off here in Phnom Penh, she's full of energy and vivacious enthusiasm, whilst Sathya has been the country's prima ballerina for more than twenty years and is always keen to try something new, whilst continuing to teach the classical dancers of the future at the Royal University of Fine Arts. It promises to be a meeting of the traditional and the new, with Chantha a regular face in Ruijzendaal's productions whilst Sathya is no stranger to appearing in contemporary shows like Where Elephants Weep and Khmeropedies. I urge you to attend. You can read more about Sam Sathya in this article.

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