Thursday, March 3, 2011

Delta memories

A decorated window at the military museum in Cantho, showing a soldier in combat gear
Posting these two pictures reminds me that I've still got a host of photos to upload from my trip to the Mekong Delta in November of last year. I've already posted a few and some stories but then I fell behind and everyday posts overtook the Mekong Delta stuff, as it often does. These two pictures come from a visit to the Military Museum in Cantho. Officially it was closed when Tim and I arrived, but he's the world's best blagger (you know, he can sell ice to the eskimos, that sorta thing) and we were given an escort by a young woman in military uniform and allowed to wander around to our heart's content. Our escort was in charge of light switches. It was a typical military museum that you find dotted all over Vietnam, pictures of Ho Chi Minh proliferate as do photos and maps, and rusting hardware, of military struggles through the years. In fact, next door was a smaller museum dedicated to Uncle Ho, one of dozens you can find that show his life of struggle on behalf of the Vietnamese masses. When I find the time, more Mekong Delta pictures to follow...but don't hold your breath.
A typical poster of Ho Chi Minh, often seen talking to his minions on the telephone and clearly in charge of the revolutionary struggle



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