Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cambodia's F A Cup

Preah Khan celebrate their cup success
A big football occasion today. The Cambodian version of the FA Cup Final. There were a few thousand at the Olympic Stadium in the hot sun this afternoon as the Military Police-backed team Preah Khan Reach took on the students of Build Bright United, in the cup competition that bears the name of the country's Prime Minister. Men against boys, well nearly. As it panned out, Preah Khan were too strong, too much know-how and too good, winning 2-0 and giving everyone notice that they'll be a force to be reckoned with in the C-League season, that's due to begin in early April. Preah Khan had brought their band to the game, though to be honest, the music and the match failed to reach the heights we'd hoped and never really got out of first gear. However, in Khuon Laboravy, PKR have the man in form in front of goal, and another strike took his competition tally to 22 goals and a million riels in prize money. As cup winners PKR got a cool 80,000,000 riels. I hope it wasn't in 100 riel notes, I get so many of them in my loose change I could wallpaper my apartment with the damn things. For more on the match, click here.



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