Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2nd chance

I didn't manage to get up to Siem Reap for the recent bosbaPANH concerts involving a host of performers including renowned cellist Sarah O'Brien, French jazz musician Jean Marc Padovani, folk singer Ieng Sithul, Laura Mam and The Like Me's, Chinese flautist Liao Qi Cheng, the sounds of composer Ung Chinary, mixed with music from King Father Norodom Sihanouk, Sinn Sisamouth and classical Cambodian dance choreographed by Em Theay and performed by her grand-daughter Nam Narin but I'll have an opportunity to see what I missed as the concert is being replayed on local television channel CTN this coming Saturday (26 March) at 9.30pm.
Thinking of coming to Cambodia? Air France's first Paris to Phnom Penh via Bangkok flight is set to launch next week. And hot on its heels is a feasibility study being conducted to look at direct flights between the United Kingdom and Cambodia. We received 10,000 British tourists in Cambodia this January. None of my family made it.
I went along to the prehistory talk by Andreas Reinecke from the German Archaeological Institute at Meta House tonight about recent excavations and findings at a site called Prohear in Prey Veng province. It's a significant site that has thrown more light on early Cambodian history around the Bronze and Iron Ages but like any of these sites, once they are known about, the looters move in and destroy much of the evidence. It's so sad that the historical fingerprint of the country is disappearing before experts get the chance to study it in full. At least in Prohear they have managed to establish part of the picture.

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