Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sarah's dream

Sarah O'Brien at the Bayon last night by Tris Beezley
My plan to get along to Chenla Theatre tonight took a nosedive after the football at Olympic Stadium went on longer than expected. So I didn't get to see either of the Dansez Roam! performances but I did witness Phnom Penh Crown's surprise demise against the students of BBU in the Hun Sen Cup. It was unexpected I can tell you but cup football always has a way of biting you on the arse when you least expect it. It went down to penalty kicks in the gloom (only 3 of the floodlights were working at the stadium) though Crown should never have let it get to that stage in the first place. So back to the drawing board for the coach and his team after falling at the first hurdle this season. With football taking priority as it usually does, I passed up the opportunity to accompany Sarah O'Brien to the Tribute to the Masters concerts at the Bayon in Angkor. She premiered her own composition Footsteps, which was sung by Bosba Panh as Sarah accompanied her on piano, rather than her more regular instrument, the cello. Speaking to Sarah on the phone, the concerts went like a dream and were hosted very successfully by the Panh family. It also gave Sarah an idea of the logistics, etc required to host her own Winds of Angkor musical at the temples, hopefully sometime in 2012. Tomorrow night there are a series of contemporary dance performances for free at Koh Pich island with some of the country's best talents on show. Get along and see for yourself.

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Blogger onlyincambodia said...

"...the concerts went like a dream and were hosted very successfully by the Panh family."

Funny. I was there and as an audience member, "dream" is not quite how I would describe a concert that started 1 hour late, with a long-winded MC between every performance, what seemed like a lack of rehearsal between stage changes, and a poorly-prepared projection screen.

But hey! This is Cambodia...

The lighting of Bayon was spectacular, Bosba Panh's voice was stellar, the children who were painted up as monkeys were adorable, and the Like Me's were da bomb! I'd go again anytime!

February 27, 2011 at 10:15 AM  
Blogger Andy Brouwer said...

It's lucky that everyone's dreams are different, depending on our particular viewpoint isn't it...if those were the only things wrong with a show that had such a cast numbers and very limited rehearsal time then I reckon it went like clockwork :-)
Pity I missed it.

February 27, 2011 at 11:31 PM  

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