Saturday, February 12, 2011

Popping up to Siem Reap

Some of the Hanuman team pose for a photo on top of the bridge at Kompong Kdei
Just reporting in from sunny Siem Reap. I've popped up from the big city to join my company's annual party tomorrow and those lovely people at Heritage Suites have set me up for two nights with a bungalow suite all to myself. Very posh I must say. They have 20 suites such as mine, with open plan room and a bath plonked in the middle, an outdoor shower if I want it, my own steam room, large double bed, all mod cons. I've only just arrived, late afternoon, so I'll pop out for a bite to eat a little later, catch the latest live football and then meet up with some of my Siem Reap friends, who I don't see enough of. Then tomorrow night is the party, at HanumanAlaya, and we'll be heading back to Phnom Penh on Monday afternoon. 40 of us have traveled up from the city, and all have been housed in various hotels, courtesy of our excellent hotelier friends. You can see Heritage Suites for yourself here. En route, we stopped off at one of my favourite places, Spean Praptos, otherwise known as the Angkorian bridge at Kompong Kdei. It's still standing in all its glory, though the Apsara Authority are conserving three of the large Naga heads and they are covered in tarpaulin, which doesn't lend itself to nice photos.
A general view of Spean Praptos, the Angkorian bridge at Kompong Kdei
A look at the arches of Span Praptos and one of the 4 Naga heads
Two photos from my Heritage Suites room; the comfortable bed
The bathtub and washing corner of the room, looking out onto my own courtyard and outdoor shower



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