Sunday, February 27, 2011

Koh Pich comes alive

Artists and audience pose for the camera including Sam Savin and myself
I got to Koh Pich island tonight just in time to see Yon Chantha, beaming smile and piercing eyes, take to one of the eight stages spread across the central arena of the island as part of La rue danse, an annual outdoor dance performance put on the the CCF. Each of the acts, I think there were eight in total, performed and then rotated onto the next stage and so on. There were a series of mini classical dances, classical with contemporary mix, pure contemporary, hip-hop, bellydance, beat-boy and dramatic dance to entertain what turned out to be a large audience, either passing by or sat on the mats provided in front of each of the lit stages. Besides Chantha, dancing solo to background music, it was a veritable who's who of dance with Vuth Chanmoly, Rady Nget, Soy Chanborey and other recognisable faces strutting their stuff for the appreciative crowd. Though Belle and others were missing as they're not in the country, the artists also included Nam Narin, who bust a gut to get back to the capital after spending the previous two nights on stage at the Bayon, dancing with her mother and grandmother (Em Theay) in the Tribute to the Masters concerts. That type of dedication to her art deserves everyone's support. As a way of introducing dance to the masses this is an excellent vehicle.
The effervescent Yon Chantha was the first artist I saw at Koh Pich tonight
Vuth Chanmoly, one of the country's finest classical dancers, mixed ballet with contemporary
A serious moment for the lady behind the mask
Perfect lines as Chanmoly mixes classical poses with her contemporary style
The lady kept her mask on, even offstage, Vuth Chanmoly
The entertaining and fun Two Birds with Soy Chanborey and Rady Nget
Nam Narin arrived just an hour before she began performing after a mad dash from Siem Reap
Beauty on stage in the form of one of the country's classical dancers Phorsda. The lack of introductions for the dancers didn't help, so thanks to Belle for the namecheck.

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