Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kitty's comedy

Kitty in her comedy pyjamas
Kitty Kavanagh took me back to my stand-up comedy watching days of the 1990s last night, albeit for the length of her 20-minute comedy routine. Nothing was taboo whether it was American churchgoers or foreign sex tourists in Cambodia and that's how I like my comedy. No holds barred. I'm not sure all of the audience understood her Brummie humour but I liked it. I wish her well on her continued couch-surfing travels around the region. Last night's Java Cafe's On the Spot also included a ribald poet, a guitar and singing duo, Kitty and the ambient, dreamy music of Norwegian composer Ingolv Haaland, who was joined on a few tunes by Cambodia's own Ouch Savy, who added vocals rather than her more renowned chapei. A nice eclectic mix of styles and offerings.
Ingolv Haaland and Ouch Savy

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