Thursday, February 3, 2011


Ahead of their fast approaching debut in Cambodia, the girls of The Like Me's have delivered a welcome, here we are and this is us video, which you can see here. Just so that you know who they are when you get along to one of their gigs in Cambodia, the all-girl group are the Cambodian pair of Laura Mam on guitar and vocals and Helena Hong on bass, alongwith two Filipinos, Monique Coquilla on drums and keyboard player Loren Alonzo. On the video they are playing a song, Music Love and introducing their upcoming Cambodia tour when they'll play at Northbridge School in Phnom Penh (19 Feb), at the Tribute to the Masters concerts at The Bayon (25, 26 Feb), FCC Angkor in Siem Reap (27 Feb) and back to Phnom Penh on 3 March at Parkway. More at their website.



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