Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Incredibly rare

There's an event at the National Museum this coming Friday which only the very well connected will get an invite to, hence why I won't be there but its important nonetheless. My pal Kent Davis, publisher and all-round good guy, is in town to launch the latest book from his DatAsia Press stable, the first English-language edition of George Groslier's incredibly rare 1913 book about Cambodian dance, titled Cambodian Dancers – Ancient and Modern. It also happens to be the 124th anniversary of Groslier’s birth and his daughter Nicole was heavily involved in Kent's drive to publish a book for which only 30 copies of the original were ever produced. The new hardcover edition contains 380 pages and more than 200 illustrations, including all of Groslier’s original artwork from 1913. Groslier established the National Museum and School of Cambodian Arts here in Phnom Penh so his influence on Cambodian culture is immeasurable. For all of those who can't go on Friday, there's a public introduction of the book at Monument Books in Phnom Penh this coming Saturday from 11am-12:30pm. Kent is another of the To Cambodia With Love contributors, so I heartily recommend you attend his Monument appearance, this guy's enthusiasm knows no bounds.

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