Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cooking the Jameson way

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This coming Thursday (10 Feb), Cooking the Cambodian Way will be launched at Monument Books at 6pm with the author, Narin Seng Jameson, present to provide her own unique insights into Khmer cuisine and Khmer culture, both of which feature in the book. Cookbooks and recipe books on Cambodian food are becoming more prevalent and more popular, so don't miss an opportunity to quiz a master of Khmer cuisine in person. And all proceeds from sales go to the charity of her choice, Caring For Cambodia.

If you haven't seen the Children of Bassac performances at the National Museum each Thursday night, why not? You are missing something special. Now ten of the young adult dancers have been invited to undertake a tour in the United States from 11 April - 10 May. They will perform a combination of ancient classical and lively folk dances and will be visiting over 15 schools in partnership with the Connecticut based organization, Creative Connections. During the tour they will perform at school assembles, lead workshops and demonstrations in classrooms, and participate in classes such as art and music at the American schools. The tour will mark the group’s debut American performance, following their international successes in Japan, Australia and Great Britain, with ticketed shows in at least three cities.

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Anonymous Fan of Khmer Cuisine said...

I’ve been looking for this! A really authentic Cambodian cookbook. Narin Seng Jameson obviously knows her way around a Cambodian kitchen…and she makes it easy for those of us who love—or are curious about—Cambodian cooking to make these delicious dishes. Love the pictures! If you’ve been to Angkor Wat or find yourself intrigued by the great story of the Khmer (Cambodian) empire, "Cooking the Cambodian Way" is a way to experience—and enjoy—Cambodian culture and history through its timeless food. Cheers to Narin Seng Jameson for sharing her stories and her recipes.

February 25, 2011 at 3:46 AM  

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