Friday, February 18, 2011

Angkor's Children

Angkor's Children - likely in 2012
I'm leaning towards the opinion that there are more documentary films made in and about Cambodia than pretty much anywhere else. If I listed them all, the list would be a pretty darn long one. Another one has come to light recently, Angkor's Children, that will focus on a representative three young women who are creating a new cultural identity through their art. It will look at aspirations and hopes for the future amongst the younger element of the Khmer population. I see on their blog that everyone's favourite dancer Belle might be one of the people they focus on, though they have a few irons in the fire, which include the garment workers of the Messenger Band. You can catch up with what director Lauren Shaw and her team are doing at their website with the film likely to see the light of day in 2012.

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