Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wait for it

February usually means a month of dance and artistic performances here in Cambodia. The national performing arts festival will take place next month, as will the French Cultural Center's Dansez Roam! series. Some of Cambodia's best dancers will be part of the latter's Chenla Theatre production on Friday 25th February and the next day, with Street Dances taking place along Sisowath Quay on 27th with some 20 dancers taking part. As part of the two week national festival, the Khmer Arts Ensemble will perform one of their rare pieces, Pamina Devi, in public here in Phnom Penh, though I don't have a date for it just yet. I recall that last year around this time I had a hell of a job trying to get hold of the festival calendar. Cambodian contemporary dance will also be taking a trip over to Canada, where the 2011 CanAsian international dance festival is being held towards the end of next month. Five Cambodian dancers, including Belle, will perform on two nights, 24 and 26 February at the Fleck Dance Theatre under the guidance of multi-discipline artist Peter Chin, in a collaboration with his Tribal Crackling Wind company.
The French Cultural Center will host on Thursday 10th February, Bruno Bruguier's long-awaited presentation of his latest work with his book on 'Sambor Prei Kuk and the archeological sites of the Tonlé Sap Basin,' which is being published by Editions du Mékong in conjunction with UNESCO.

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