Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Opening fireworks

Part of the fireworks show
The opening ceremony of the Asean Tourism Forum went with a bang tonight as the sky lit up with a fireworks display and the stage was filled with more than 500 performers as the great and the good came to join in the celebrations at the Koh Pich convention center. Eating under the stars whilst a cast of hundreds played out a series of historical reenactments, Apsara dances and a fashion show on stage and on large sight screens, the VIPs and forum delegates mingled and talked business with prime minister Hun Sen as the chief guest. Even the English version of the song, 'Cambodia: Kingdom of Wonder' is starting to grow on me. Many of the delegates had spent the day putting the final touches to their booths in the exhibition hall or had been sampling the free accommodation and city tours provided by the organizing committee, so the evening showcase was a chance to relax and unwind before the main action begins tomorrow. Amongst the performers on stage were a couple of friends with the Culture Ministry's classical dance team, Savin and Moly, who are amongst the country's very best dancers. After the tables had cleared, our small party headed for a drink, or two, on the rooftop terrace at Amanjaya hotel before making our way home, ready to begin again in the morning.
Time out for a picture with Sam Savin on stage
Sam Savin at the close of the performance
Moly is the dancer without the headdress in this photo
Savin next to a woman representing one of the Asean countries
At the end of the performance, the actors and dancers thank the audience
Some of the classical dancers at the end of the show take their bow
This is the final closing scene of tonight's performance
Another photo from the fireworks show tonight



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched the opening ceremony last night on TV. It was wonderful. Best organizing, well prepared, especially good introduction to khmer empire history....etc It makes the region tourism body to understand more about khmer history, khmer culture... it is unique.
If you have some video, pls share on your site.


January 19, 2011 at 9:38 AM  

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