Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fascinating figures

Weather-worn but still distinctive figures on a flying palace on monument N16. The flanking figures are carrying long staffs, whilst it looks like 2 females join a male royal in the center.
The figures carved inside the flying palaces of the the brick towers of Sambor Prei Kuk have always fascinated me since I first saw them in 1999 and my most recent visit, in November, was no exception. I've been to SPK on many occasions and I always find myself capturing the images which experts are still finding difficulty in decoding. They know they must represent either royalty or important personages but identifying who these figures are, remain a puzzle. The early decoration, first half of the 7th century, required great skill and is executed in brick, though the passage of time has weathered the brick carving to make it difficult for the experts of Waseda University from Japan, who have been working on the Sambor temples for many years, to identify. More from SPK soon.
The five figures, at least 4 of them are female, are in the upper tier of the flying palace of N16
Five faces peer out of this circular window at the top of a flying palace on N7. The face of the central figure is still in good condition.
Two figures, which could be rishi, flank a Shiva figure in the center window on tower N7
The body of this figure seemed to be too large for the size of its head



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