Monday, January 24, 2011

Eating and dancing

Rumnea and yours truly at last night's wedding
Last night's wedding party was the full stop in what can only be described as a hectic week. The ATF at Koh Pich was exhausting as were the non-stop events I attended throughout the week and then a weekend of football was just what the doctor ordered to regain my sanity and I topped it off with yet another wedding party, which I attended with Rumnea to celebrate the union of one of her best friends from her schooldays, Soukheng to Heang. I arrived just after the first course had been served, as I spent the afternoon at Olympic Stadium watching my team, Phnom Penh Crown, progress to the quarter-finals of the Hun Sen Cup competition with a regulation 5-1 win. The dancing began before the food courses had been completed so it was a case of eating, dance, more eating, another dance and then some dessert. That's Cambodian weddings for you.
Rumnea had a great time with her old friends from the province of Kompong Thom
The bride Soukheng and groom Heang



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