Sunday, January 16, 2011

Caught in the act

A study in concentration
Nick Sells (aka Kampuchea Party Republic) took some great pictures at the To Cambodia With Love book launch last week. Here are just a few - thanks to Nick for taking time out of his busy party schedule to pop by. I've known Nick since we worked together on the football for the Phnom Penh Post and he's a top snapper, especially for what's on type events, but I know he can turn his hand to pretty much everything.
Sinat looks so happy to receive her free copy of the book - seeing her reaction made it all worthwhile
Sprinkling some special editor gold dust on the book
Someone told me I'm very expressive with my hands whilst I'm talking - I don't see it myself
Not sure why I made this face unless Steve's Santa beard was tickling my cheek
Are you sure you want me to sign your book, won't that ruin it?
Jake lines up a group shot with my camera, captured by Nick

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