Monday, January 17, 2011

Book moments

Foxy Lady has just arrived after a 2 month journey
Sichan Siv's extraordinary memoir Golden Bones has been translated into Khmer and the Cambodian-born former American Ambassador to the United Nations will be in Monument Books this Thursday, 20 January at 6pm to sign copies. Ambassador Siv is in town to join the Asean Tourism Forum that is taking place at Koh Pich all week. Blue Pumpkin will be providing the refreshments on the night. The postie delivered a long-awaited book into my eager hands today when Dave Kattenburg's Foxy Lady finally arrived. It took more than two months to navigate the precarious postal system from Canada to Cambodia but it made it. Now I can't wait to read Kattenburg's account of the story behind some of the foreigners murdered by the Khmer Rouge, who eventually ended up at S21 in Phnom Penh, though primarily the book focuses on Canadian Stuart Glass.

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