Thursday, December 2, 2010

Out and about

As ever, so much to blog but not enough hours in the day. And falling asleep for the whole evening doesn't help the cause either. Just woke up to find out England's bid to host the 2018 World Cup has failed and it's gone to the pesky Russians instead. Grrrr. Don't they realise that England is the home of football. Talking of football, the Suzuki Cup for Asian teams started yesterday and it's a competition that Cambodia should've been playing in, if it wasn't for their woeful finishing in the qualifying tournament. Never mind, life's made up of what should've beens. Onto other matters. The Cambodian Space Project are playing a gig in the countryside just outside Kampot this weekend, with Kong Nay and others, but I won't be there. Boo-hoo. There's too much football happening in Phnom Penh for me to head down to Kampot, but I'm sure the music fest will be a cracker. Have fun all you Space Cadets. Keep your diary free for Saturday 11th December. At 3pm in the afternoon, the Khmer Arts Ensemble folks in Takhmao are having a public presentation by three choreographers which they are calling New Classicism. Sounds interesting and unusual. Also that same night, Belle will be performing at Chenla Theatre, as one of eight talented performers, overseen by a German dance master, in an Amrita project that will premiere at the Singapore Arts Festival next May. Intriguing.
Over at Angkor, as a symposium discusses what is best to do with the temples, the authorities have shelved the idea of calling Ta Prohm, the Angelina Jolie Temple. My oh my. Meanwhile, the Chinese are being ever more benevolent by donating $6 million for the renovation of the undecorated Ta Keo temple at Angkor. Apparently the corners are in a bad condition and some of the bas-reliefs are in danger of collapse. So that looks like another temple covered in horrible green tarpaulin for a year or two. This weekend its the Angkor Wat Bike Race and the Half Marathon, for those that like a good cause and to put themselves through the pain barrier. Count me out. I've also heard that Wat Phnom in the city will be getting a facelift as well and will soon close down. More when I hear it. Christmas is coming if you'd forgotten. I hate Christmas, always have, and this year won't be any different. Anyway, I must get back to sleep.

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Anonymous Eric said...

First it's good that Russia will host the WC2018 cos the Russians know how to deal with English Hooligans... (it could be very cold in Siberia...) :-)
And second....
Angelina Jolie Temple?
You must be kidding...

December 3, 2010 at 8:26 AM  

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