Friday, December 17, 2010

Memory intact

Not the best photo of the occasion, but the only one that survived to record my meeting with Em Theay last weekend, as well as a copy of TCWL
Though my own camera failed miserably when I met Em Theay last weekend, the phone-camera of the guide, Eak, who was with us and did a great job at translating, was working and it managed to grab this rather dark image of Em Theay and myself in close quarters with a copy of To Cambodia With Love, in which I wrote a story about the lady who has done so much to resurrect traditional classical dance here in Cambodia. Long may she continue.
I've been informed by a couple of people that Sambo the elephant has been seen back at her post at Wat Phnom recently, though walking home at rush-hour along Sisowath Quay has been suspended for the time being. The other Sambo, the rampaging bull elephant in Kompong Speu province, has been calmed down with tranquilizers pending the authorities deciding on what to do with him. Phnom Tamao Zoo looks the most likely location. While I'm on the topic of Wat Phnom, the inside of the pagoda on the top will be off-limits for a few months whilst renovation work takes place on the inside wall paintings and the outside roof tiles. They reckon it'll take six months from February. Just a pity they can't renovate and train the monkeys at the same time.

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