Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kent's on the ball

The reviews for To Cambodia With Love are coming thick and fast. Well, okay, that's an overstatement as I've just read the second one, this time by Kent Davis - one of the contributors so he has a vestige of interest - here, which he's also posted on the book's Amazon page. Thank you Kent. A delivery of the books into Phnom Penh may well see them on sale at Monument Books on Norodom Boulevard before Christmas if you are thinking of buying your loved one a Chrimbo present that they will cherish. Did I really say that? All of that aside, here's Kent's review:

An Essential Travel Guide in a Digital World - by Kent Davis

To Cambodia With Love is an attractive and useful guidebook for any traveler headed to Cambodia. Its secret is that this book offers a unique collection of tips and ideas that readers simply won’t find anywhere else.

When I began traveling internationally in the 1970s trips were always too expensive and too short. So some things never change!

Info about exotic destinations was sparse, but even a few ideas about sights, food, transport and lodging could make the difference between a memorable adventure and a stressful fiasco.

On my first trip to Laos in 1992 I just ripped the 20 page supplement out of the Thailand Lonely Planet Guide so I didn’t have to carry the whole book…but even those 20 pages made my Laotian trip easier. Knowledge is power!

With the advent of the Internet, travel research has evolved. So have travelers.

Finding mainstream attractions and accommodations is fairly easy. If anything, there’s too much information available and online sources aren’t always reliable. Beyond that, most modern travelers are seeking insights and experiences much deeper than “been there, done that”. Enter senior editor Kim Fay with a new concept to create “travel guides for the connoisseur”.

To Cambodia With Love is a perfect example of how well her formula works. With Phnom Penh-based British writer Andy Brouwer, they sought out more than 60 expert contributors with one thing in common: a passion for some aspect of Cambodian life. Food, history, sights, temples, Buddhism, wildlife, art, music, nature, charity, adventure, education…you name it…these people all live and love their Cambodian dreams.

And to each they posed one question: If you were giving advice to a friend who was headed to Cambodia, what would you tell them?

And so To Cambodia With Love was born, the newest in a brilliant series of travel guides. In addition to Cambodia, ThingsAsian Press now offers guides for Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Shanghai, Northern India, Nepal and Japan.

I can honestly say that I wouldn’t go to any of those places without one of these clever compact guides in my luggage. Why take a chance of missing the most inspirational experiences that await you in these exotic lands?



Blogger cat said...

j'achèterai donc mon exemplaire de 'to Cambodia with love' sur Norodom Boulevard en février prochain !

December 22, 2010 at 12:50 PM  
Anonymous Kent Davis said...

Talk about being on the ball! Every time I grab a few hours sleep here in the US I wake up to find that Andy B. has a new article...never missing a beat on the Cambodian news scene. (-:

To Cambodia With Love really impressed me as a book people need to own. There's so much travel content out there on the web but this book, by only including passionate experts, added quality control that is much harder to achieve with online research.

I know you worked your butt off on this one, Andy, but rest assured it shows. Great job!

December 22, 2010 at 8:27 PM  

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