Friday, December 24, 2010

Goodnight cobber

Back to an 8-member line-up for tonight's Equinox gig
Recent posts have been dominated by the book and the Cambodian Space Project but after this quickie, the latter will be on the plane and heading for Oz, so we won't be hearing from them for a fair while. But we did tonight, this time at one of their fave haunts, Equinox, for their farewell party, and as the Space Commander said himself, after a hectic 24 hours. Last night they played La Croisette, and then today they took lead singer Srey Thy's mum into hospital, played a gig in front of two thousand former rubbish dump kids at PSE and then rounded it all off with tonight's performance to see in Christmas Day. They have a gig in Bangkok tomorrow and then they really do head for that tour of Australia. All the usual suspects were there tonight, on and off the stage, all the usual tunes and a lot of sweaty, dancing bodies. That's how we like it. They'll be missed.
Srey Thy desperately trying to look professional next to the wig-wearing antics of Scott Bywater



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