Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Found hiding

On an ox-cart ride with Sophea in Chambok
I found these photos hiding away on the internet, inside a blog penned by Pichet Pen, with whom I've shared a couple of journeys earlier this year to various community-based tourism locations across the country. These 'fam trips' are usually good fun, educational and definitely worth the effort, to see how the community projects are progressing in these locations and to determine whether they will be suitable for my company's clientele. In addition, I plug them on my blog as well. My ugly mug appears in this small selection of photos, courtesy of Pichet's blog.
Our fam trip group photo at Chi Phat in May. I'm center back row.
Late night food and drinks with Kelly and Mark at Chi Phat
Clowning around with Hoeun in the Phnom Banan winery in Battambang

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