Sunday, December 5, 2010

Falling asleep

A tree has taken root and is almost disguising this doorway at Sambor Prei Kuk
Faces carved on a 'flying palace' on the side of a 7th century temple at Sambor Prei Kuk
I am worse than useless. I have quite a few photos to post on my blog from various trips but everytime I thought about sitting down and getting on with it, I fell asleep. I think my body is trying to tell me something. Like, I go to bed too late every night for instance. Anyway, here are a couple of photos from visits to Banteay Chhmar and Sambor Prei Kuk that I should post sometime soon, unless I fall asleep again. When I was awake, football dominated the weekend as it often does, so much so that I forgot the circus was in town!
A carving of a wise man and his attendants including a harp player and a figure shooting arrows. This is above a doorway at Banteay Chhmar.
More occupants from within the Banteay Chhmar temple. This time a series of temporary bee-colonies on the branches of a tree. In real-time the colonies are made up of thousands of bees and are constantly moving and shimmering, especially if they feel under threat.

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