Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Better late than never

Welcome to Banteay Chhmar
It was quite a while ago that I visited Banteay Chhmar on a fam trip. In fact it was at the end of June and whilst I've already posted a few photos from that trip, here are the best of the rest, with 10 photos taken entirely at the temple itself. Banteay Chhmar is one of my favourite temples, I've even written about it in my book, To Cambodia With Love, so if you dredge through my previous blog postings, I'm sure you'll find lots of other pictures from the temple complex. I hope you enjoy them and get along to the temple yourself, you won't be disappointed.
The Hall of Dancers is in great danger of total collapse
Banteay Chhmar is a temple with many remarkable carvings, this one shows Shiva with 10 arms between Brahma and Vishnu
A pediment still in place showing a figure with 20 arms and nine heads in the center frame; experts have yet to identify this deity
This dvarapala door guardian is partially hidden by fallen blocks of stone
One of a few inscriptions found at Banteay Chhmar, this one is on a doorframe
A face tower at Banteay Chhmar, in dire need of restoration, as are many others
A medallion showing an apsara dancer holding a ribbon of pearls next to one the multi-armed AvalokiteshvaraTwo praying crowned attendants underneath the Avalokiteshvara in the anjali pose
A reconstructed pediment sits on the ground at Banteay Chhmar with two rows of worshippers



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hey andy im trying to fing one of you articals on some big lion statures near siem reap phnom kulen maybe do you remember what month/year it was

December 17, 2010 at 4:02 PM  

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