Thursday, December 23, 2010

Album preview

With Christmas almost upon us, though personally it's never been a time that held any interest for me (bah humbug), it means that parties and events in Phnom Penh are cropping up left, right and center. Tonight at La Croisette on the riverside, from 8pm onwards, the Cambodian Space Project have the first of two gigs in two days, previewing and playing tracks from their forthcoming debut album. Then tomorrow at Equinox, again from 8pm, the band will be belting out their own brand of Khmer rock for their farewell gig before they jet off to Australia, via Bangkok, for a tour down under. Considering that CSP have been together for just a year they are on the top of their game right now and you'd be mad to miss these two free shows.
Update: As forewarned, CSP played the full roster of songs from their debut album tonight at La Croisette to a good crowd, though I expect Equinox to be packed to the rafters for tomorrow's Christmas Eve gig. The restaurant on the riverside isn't the most ideal place for an eight-piece live band but it's where it all started for CSP a year ago so they feel comfortable there. Though for the audience, it has no room to dance (which for me is what CSP gigs are all about), the view can be obscured and people are trying to eat. Nevertheless, after an initial hiccup with the sound, Srey Thy was belting out the numbers in her own inimitable fashion and the combination of tried and tested numbers and less well-known songs went down a treat. The album promises to be special. Marc Eberle, who is a filmmaker and currently producing a documentary on Srey Thy, is also a dab hand at bass and made his first appearance with the band tonight, in preparation for their forthcoming world domination tour. Srey Thy told me she's off to Australia followed by China and then the USA and wrapping up in the UK. Not bad for a gal who until a few years ago had never left her province of Prey Veng. More power to her elbow I say.
At La Croisette, Srey Thy with Julien Poulson (left) and Marc Eberle (right)
Srey Thy seems to be enjoying herself in her last but one gig in Cambodia

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