Thursday, November 11, 2010


Snapped in happier times at Fresco's, two of my favourite people, Panha and Dary
I went to the dentist this morning after a period of dentistry inactivity since arriving in Cambodia. No excuses other than I loathe pain and all previous visits to dentist in the UK gave me precisely that. A trip to the dentist here isn't cheap, though its considerably cheaper than in the UK. I must say that the clinic I visited this morning were ultra professional, had what looked like all the up-to-date equipment and had staff falling over themselves to be incredibly pleasant. It was actually the nicest visit to the dentist in my whole life. What wasn't so nice was the look of horror on the consultant's face when he looked into my mouth and then at the x-rays. His list of suggested treatment is longer than a housewives' shopping list. My budget certainly doesn't stretch to what he's suggesting, so I'll get the urgent work done and then consider the rest for when I win the lottery. Re-shaping my teeth at my time of life can wait until I'm reborn.
I spent lunchtime at Fresco's in BKK1 today and was taken aback to find out that the front of counter waiting staff have been replaced en masse, and the girls I've got to know well over the last two years or so, have all left. I didn't even get the chance to wish them bon voyage. Fortunately I managed to get a couple of numbers for Dary and Panha so have already spoken to them, but it was quite a shock I must admit. These girls were very good at their jobs, they had personality and an understanding of good service, hence my shock that they have been replaced. I will definitely miss their smiling faces and their easy manner as Fresco's is just a few yards from my office and a regular stop for myself and others in our office. I don't believe they have jobs to go to so I sincerely hope they will be snapped up soon, perhaps by the plethora of coffee shops opening up around BKK1 or other outlets looking for hard-working and competent staff. If you hear of any openings, let me know.
If you like golf then Nick Faldo's visit to Phnom Penh recently might just make your day. He's already got one of his signature golf courses up and running in Siem Reap and is now proposing two more for the capital. The Vattanac Golf Resort will be located 15kms from the center of the city and will host not 1, but 2 18-hole championship-standard courses in the next few years. If you like climbing stairs, I don't but some people might, then head for Preah Vihear temple in northern Cambodia. Not only does it have the most dramatic location of any of the great Khmer temples, but a wooden staircase stretching 1,630-metres has just been constructed, next to the ancient stone pathway that allowed access to the mountaintop temple before the road was bulldozed into place a few years ago. Reduced tensions in recent months between Cambodia and Thailand at this potential war-zone has encouraged a dramatic increase in visitor numbers, which is good news, though the villagers from Kor Muoy at the foot of the mountain aren't so happy, after they were uprooted and resettled some distance away.

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