Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sothy on show

This Chhim Sothy painting titled Movement has traces of Rodin's sketches in it
As I was enjoying the two-hour show at Chenla Theatre last night, I had to forgo the opening of the latest Chhim Sothy exhibition at Equinox, but I did pop in on my way home just to check out the 33 paintings that were hanging on the walls at the bar-restaurant on St 278 in BKK1. With prices ranging from $500 to $1200 Sothy's artwork doesn't come cheap anymore, but understandably so as he exhibits across the globe, having enjoyed high-profile shows in China and Hong Kong earlier this year. Recognized as one of the country's very best artists, both with his traditional artwork and his more contemporary abstract paintings, Sothy's latest exhibition is full of the latter genre. I must admit I have a penchant for his traditional fine artwork (I'm a bit of traditionalist in most things) though his use of gorgeous colours and faint outlines of performing artists in his latest exhibition, titled Beauty of Nature, work well. The show will remain in situ until late December. I hear that he's just completed a 7x5 metre painting in the lobby of the new Council of Ministers building with a scene from the Churning of the Sea of Milk and is also in the process of composing an 8x6 metre mural at a pagoda on the edge of the city. These I must see.
Can you see the Passion in the title of this Chhim Sothy painting?
Two apsaras are visible in this painting titled Danseuses



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