Friday, November 12, 2010

The same shirt

That shirt makes another appearance, next to the adorable Rumnea, at Roth's wedding party
You know its wedding season when the invites come flooding in, 3 this week alone, and I had to turn down 2 of them due to other commitments. I couldn't miss Roth's party though as he works at Hanuman and so we all trundled off to one of the regular wedding venues at Lucky Star on St 336 for our set menu and a few dances. Roth and Chakriya looked lovely together but no photos as my camera continues to let me down. However, a colleague snapped one of my date, Rumnea and myself as we waited for our grub. And yes I'm wearing that same shirt again. It cost me $18 from Export so I'm making sure I get value for money.
Lots of football activity yesterday as I announced to the local press, in my role as media officer at Phnom Penh Crown, the arrival of our new Croatian coach Bojan Hodak and five new signings, including three of the very best homegrown Cambodian players. I won't bore you with more football on this blog, so click here if you need to feed your football hunger. The Phnom Penh Post gave us half a page and the Cambodia Daily are coming to the Academy football trials on Sunday to do a feature. Not sure how much coverage the Khmer press gave us.
The title of the dance show tonight at Chenla Theatre certainly rang true for me. I Should Be So Lucky, involving a wide range of Khmer artists including Belle, is being performed tonight and tomorrow night. But trying to get a ticket from Java and Meta House proved impossible and word just reached me that all the free tickets have been snapped up. So unlucky for me.



Anonymous James said...

Wedding season never ended this year for me.

I must have been to at least 10 or 15, even during rainy season.

Why do they always serve the same food??????

About the only thing I can stomach is the cashew nuts and the beer.

November 15, 2010 at 10:25 AM  

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