Sunday, November 28, 2010


Continuing on the To Cambodia With Love theme (which will go on for ages and probably bore you all to death), here's a roll-call of the 65 contributors that helped to shape the book, some of whom contributed just 1 essay, others up to three. All of them played a big part in the final product and for that they have my eternal thanks. It goes without saying that I urge you to buy a copy when and wherever you can.

Juanita Accardo
Matt Ames
Mariam Arthur
Anne Best
Andrew Booth
Adam Bray
Elizabeth Briel
Andy Brouwer - Editor
Janet Brown
Cristiano Calcagno
Hing Channarith
Karen Coates
Kent Davis
Tiara Delgado
Christine Dimmock
Kim Fay - Series Editor
Don Gilliland
Steve Goodman
Antonio Graceffo
Debra Groves
Anna Hassett
Christina Heyniger
Denise Heywood
Aaron Horwitz
Mark Hotham
Soumya James
Helen Ibbitson Jessup
Molly Jester
Phil Lees
Peter Leth
Martin Lum
Roy McClean
Steve McClure
Doug Mendel
Howie Nielsen
Caroline Nixon
Dougald O'Reilly
Joanna Owen
Daniela Papi
Robert Philpotts
Socheata Poeuv
Jan Polatschek
Geoff Pyle
Nick Ray
Dawn Rooney
Geoff Ryman
Anita Sach
Sheila Scoville
Lundi Seng
David Shamash
Gordon Sharpless
Robert Tompkins
Georgiana Treasure-Evans
Loung Ung
Glyn Vaughan
Dickon Verey
Christine Thuy-Anh Vu
Ray Waddington
Georgie Walsh
Peter Walter
Debbie Watkins
Rachel Wildblood
Mick Yates
Ronnie Yimsut
Ray Zepp



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