Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good directions help

The new dorms for the Academy youngsters are progressing quickly at Crown's training ground
I spent part of this afternoon frustratingly searching for the Phnom Penh Crown football club training ground in the nether regions of the city's outskirts, way out past Tuol Kork, and that will teach me to get better directions before setting out on a similar adventure in the future. Everyone I asked along the way tried to help but I kept getting directed to one of the new satellite cities, Grand Phnom Penh, which is expected to hold 4,000 households and a golf driving range, but definitely not a football pitch. I eventually got through to someone who knew the location and after 90 minutes of fruitless whizzing up and down road 598, I found it tucked away beyond prying eyes. The reason for my visit was to suss out the new regime that has checked in at the football club. With a desire to improve on last season's championship-winning performance, the club have invested in an overseas coach and half a dozen new players and exciting times lay ahead. As the club's media officer its up to me to get the information out into the public domain, hence I needed to check facts, interview some of the staff, grab some pictures and a press release will be despatched to the numerous media sources here in Phnom Penh tomorrow lunchtime. In fact that took up most of my afternoon and evening. The training ground was pretty impressive I must say. The pitch itself looked excellent, it has floodlights, the accommodation for the club's new football academy youngsters is nearly complete and I'm sure in a year or two the area will resemble a serious-looking sports complex, if plans progress as quickly as they have so far. The coaching staff and players are a good bunch and they have their first friendly this Saturday in what is their pre-season period before the regular season kicks off after new year. A beautiful sunset, reds and oranges lighting up the sky, made up for all the wasted time, though my camera is still playing up so you'll have to take my word for it. I did manage to grab a picture of the new dorms for the academy boys but that's about it. We have got a homepage for the club's new website up and running and this will be updated on a regular basis as pre-season progresses. You can read it here. Non-football related posts will resume from tomorrow and will include my first visit to the dentist for ages and an office wedding celebration.
The Crown players are put through their painful pre-season exercises



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