Monday, November 1, 2010

Anders on show

The Royal Ballet by Anders Jiras
Just received an invitation from Cambodian Living Arts and Anders Jiras, who are both part of this coming Thursday night event at the National Museum. On the 7th anniversary of the Royal Ballet being named as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, the Cambodian Living Arts group are hosting a dual event evening, the first part of which is an exhibition of Anders Jiras' photographs of the Royal Ballet which will run from 5 November through until 31 January 2011 in a gallery wing of the National Museum. The 2nd part of the evening will be a dance performance by the Children of Bassac, under the CLA umbrella, followed by a cocktail reception. This will be the first of a weekly (every Thursday) performance by the dance troupe including both classical and folk dances and music on the steps of the National Museum and will be open to the public. Anders has been taking great photographs of the Cambodian cultural scene for a few years now and deserves this exposure to a wider audience. You can see a selection of his work here.

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