Sunday, November 21, 2010

Aladdin's cave

Probably the best lintel on show in the new museum's collection at Kompong Thom with Krishna as the central character
Lower register detail of acolytes and animals on the museum's best preserved and most expressive lintel
Anyone who knows me will be aware that a visit to a museum full of Khmer sculpture before it's even open to the public is like letting me into an Aladdin's cave. The problem was that our visit to the new provincial museum in Kompong Thom was of the whirlwind variety as we were due in Sambor Prei Kuk, and that the exhibits weren't labeled so it takes a bit of detective work to find out what some of items represent. Nevertheless, even though it was over in the blink of an eye, I'm pleased that we made the stop. I'll visit it again when it gets the official seal of approval and opens for the public.
Two fairly similar lintels on display with lots of foliage and with Garuda prominent. The lintels are in the Pre Rup style.
Cylindrical lingas on display. I wasn't keen on the cementing of the lingas into the base.
A sandstone wall panel showing a series of 9 Divinities in slightly different poses
One of the lintels in the Sambor Prei Kuk style waiting to be moved inside the museum
This lion from Prasat Tao inside Sambor Prei Kuk has seen better days
In its place outside the front door of the new museum, a lion from Prasat Tao
Another lintel, upside down, awaiting a move inside the building
A Sambor Prei Kuk 7th century lintel in place outside the museum doorway with makara and Garuda. They also do this at the Battambang museum.
This inscription stone or stele also has the beginnings of a drawing of a figure on it



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