Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wowing the party audience

LtoR; Julien Poulson, Srey Thy and Scott Bywater at tonight's Equinox gig
A free bar and the Cambodian Space Project. Most of the attendees tonight at Equinox thought that Christmas had come early with the offer to join Karen's 45th birthday party, to sink the free flowing alcohol and to listen to CSP and the Teaner Terners, who opened the show. Srey Thy fronted CSP in a sparkling red number and wowed the audience, as usual, with her strong vocals despite the presence of seven more members of the band, including three guitars. It takes some vocal power to be heard above the pounding beat that's for sure. All the CSP favourites were on offer, though I must admit I'm a mite disappointed that Monkey has been dropped from the roster of songs. I love Srey Thy's cackle on that particular song. Anyhow there's more than enough great tunes to revel in, their new single I'm Unsatisfied got the biggest cheer of the night and the party crowd certainly revelled to their hearts content. Someone asked me whether CSP play too often but my take on it is that they are a great band live, they're doing their bit to promote and keep alive that special Khmer sound of bygone years and when else do you get the opportunity to get your dancing shoes on and jive the night away. Long may they continue.
Cambodian Space Project in full voice at EquinoxCSP end the evening with a Cha Cha Cha, a particular favourite of mine



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