Thursday, October 14, 2010

Whizzing around

I'm in Soc Trang as I type this. We've just spent half the day getting here - our driver managed to get lost despite there only being one direct route, but that really sums up his driving skills. We stopped at Can Tho for lunch, his home town, and he even took a wrong turning before we had to guide him back on track. But at least his ineptitude is giving us a laugh. The road to Soc Trang was a joke, every bridge is being renovated or rebuilt and the roads resemble Cambodia's roads a few years ago. Full of pot-holes, rain-water, slippery mud and hordes of motos and cyclists. This afternoon we toured the main attractions of Soc Trang and took a whizz out into a couple of Khmer villages and schools just before the sky clouded over and the rain fell. We've already seen the best that Soc Trang has to offer though ideally we would've spent more time in the surrounding countryside as we did around Tra Vinh, but we head for the north of the Delta first thing tomorrow morning, en route back to Cambodia. Nice to meet more smiling Khmer faces today especially the older generation with their toothless grins and perkiness once they realised we knew a few words of Khmer. I'm sure one of the older ladies proposed to me. She certainly didn't want to let go of my hand when we got up to leave. I'll post a picture once I'm back in Phnom Penh in a few days.

Though tennis isn't my game, Open Court, a monthly half-hour tennis show on the CNN International television channel, is airing an Asian special this month, which should please fans and players alike in Cambodia. They travel to the Kingdom and catch up with Rithivit Tep, founder of the Tennis Court Foundation and son of former national champion, on his project "to transform landmine-studded killing fields into tennis courts." Tune in today at 1830, 2330; Oct 16 at 1330; Oct 17 at 1030, 1430, 2200; and oct 18 at 0830 ICT. For more tennis news, interviews, videos and blogs, visit There, that's my bit for tennis in Cambodia done. They have been getting a lot of coverage in the Phnom Penh Post recently, far more than local football, even though its played by considerably less people.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We stayed in Hon Chong last night and tonight we're in Ha Tien but facebook and blogger are blocked again, so will have to wait until I get back in Cambodian soil to bring you the latest from my Mekong Delta adventures.

October 16, 2010 at 3:28 PM  

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