Monday, October 18, 2010

Soc Trang's finest

A few of the excitable children at Wat Prasat Kong, near Soc Trang
I'm back in the office this morning, no rest for the wicked. Just to remind me of the fun we had in Vietnam, here's some of the schoolkids we met at their school in the grounds of the Khmer pagoda at Wat Prasat Kong, near Soc Trang. The children here spoke better English than their teachers and once we asked for a photo we had real problems getting them to calm down. They were jumping up and down right in front of the camera making it almost impossible to get any decent snaps. Lovely kids though and very playful and keen to learn a few words of English. A pity their teachers didn't have the same desire to learn attitude. We managed to establish that no foreigner had ever stopped at the school before, hence why they were so excitable. Practicing English with a native speaker is a big deal.

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