Tuesday, October 26, 2010

River views

A lopsided view of the Royal Palace as we leave Phnom Penh and head for Chau Doc
To round off my border-crossing at Chau Doc, even though its actually at Kaam Samnor-Vinh Xuong, here's a few snaps from the journey. There were less than ten of us on the boat, it was a very pleasant trip and thoroughly recommended as the entryway into the Mekong Delta. A few speedboats ply the route every day, each way, and as I said in my previous post, it was a doddle. The Blue Cruiser people we travelled with made it a walk in the park and hassle-free. The ferries at Neak Loeung were doing their bit, working like fury in the knowledge that they will be replaced by a lovely new bridge sometime in the next few years. The border post at Kaam Samnor was typically laid-back in the usual Cambodian style. At least the official behind the grill was awake, for a change. And no-one asked me for a penny, either to leave Cambodia or enter Vietnam. It would be a different story when we re-entered Cambodia at Prek Chak ten days later. The waterways of Vietnam were as busy as they always are, lots of hustle and bustle on Vietnam's canals and rivers, much more so than you ever see in Cambodia, lots of smiles and waves as we took the canal that joins the Mekong to the Bassac before the Victoria appeared in the distance, easily the biggest building on the riverside in Chau Doc.
Another speedboat whizzes past the riverside scene in Phnom Penh
The largest of the car ferries in Cambodia at Neak Loeung
Inside the cockpit of the Blue Cruiser as we speed on our way
The sleepy jetty scene at the Kaam Samnor border crossing. The moored boat looks like its made of papier-mache.
The international border crossing at Kaam Samnor was very straightforward and hassle-free
All smiles as I take my leave of Cambodia, but I'll be back soon
The sun is shining as we enter the large canal that joins the Mekong with the Bassac River
A local motorbike and people ferry crossing the canal. No bridges in this part of the Delta.
The sun offers us a warm welcome to Vietnam's watery Mekong Delta
Our final destination on the first leg of our Mekong Delta journey, the Victoria Hotel at Chau Doc

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