Sunday, October 10, 2010

Online nightmare

All is well in Chau Doc except the internet. I've just managed to get into my blog for the 1st time since arriving. Both my blog and facebook initially appeared to be blocked though twitter was working fine. So not sure how often I'll be able to log-in. Anyway, now that I'm in, the Blue Cruiser boat from Phnom Penh to Chau Doc went like a dream. On time, safe as houses and very helpful staff made the trip an absolute doddle. The Victoria Hotel in Chau Doc is very comfortable. Staff are ultra friendly and a room each for Tim and myself, gratis, is a great way to begin our Mekong Delta adventures. Yesterday we hired two motos for the trip out to the killing fields memorial at Ba Chuc, visited half a dozen Khmer pagodas en route and then returned for a nose around Sam Mountain. A swim in the hotel pool rounded off the day nicely. The heavens opened as we sat down to dinner at the Fawlty Towers-like Mekong restaurant just over the road from the hotel. We ate at the popular Bay Bong on our 1st night in town. A 6am start this morning saw us grab a boat to see the mid-stream market and the fish farms, as well as one of the Cham villages, all pretty standard stuff for this area. I've just returned from a wander around town and the market, where the fish sellers were the most boisterous. Marriage proposals aplenty. My reply was I'm not a big fan of fish so incompatibility might be a deciding factor. Try translating incompatibility from English into Vietnamese. It's hard enough trying to remember hello and goodbye. Lazy afternoon is scheduled though we might take the ferry across the Bassac river for another wander if the rain holds off. We head for Can Tho tomorrow morning on the 2nd leg of our Delta journey.



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