Friday, October 29, 2010


Srey Thy sings Mondulkiri, music by the Cambodian Space Project
CSP, Cambodian Space Project to the uninitiated, will be rocking Equinox tomorrow night with their 60s Khmer rock in celebration of Karen's birthday party, and free bar, from 7pm. Also appearing are the Teaner Terners, the less said about them the better after they climbed on stage at the end of the Dengue Fever gig a few months ago and made arses of themselves. It was bad enough having to listen to Poukhlaing and Tony Re-al. CSP have just opened and closed the Cambodian Film Festival, were playing the Phnom Penh Post's Finishing Post tonight and are scheduled to depart from Cambodian soil in January for a tour down under, in Oz. Somewhere in between they will put the finishing touches to their first album. God knows when they'll find the time. The YouTube video above is CSP's Mondulkiri, words by the irrepressible Srey Thy.



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