Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lucky for us

Its all been a bit quiet in the last couple of months as far as the country's most exciting contemporary dancer, Belle, is concerned. Her last appearance of note was with her own Silver Bell dance troupe at Chinese House in early September. However that should change on 12 and 13 November when she will be one of the cast for an unusual collaboration between Samir Akika, a Franco-Algerian based in Germany, who will offer up his own choreography, I should be so lucky, mixing theater, dance and video, and the country's classical, contemporary and hip-hop dancers. It will take place at Chenla Theater at 7pm on both nights, with free tickets available from the French Cultural Center library, Meta House and Java Cafe.

And lucky for me if what I'm told comes to fruition. My guidebook, To Cambodia With Love, is definitely at the printers. It should be in my grubby hands in a month or so. It maybe another month or two after that before it's available to the public, but the word is, it's definitely going to happen. Hopefully.

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