Saturday, October 2, 2010


I'm pretty easily pleased so when Greg Cahill, the director of the new film, Two Shadows starring Sophea Pel, informed me that a couple of my photos of Kratie and Chhlong acted as the inspiration for some of the artwork for the film's new poster, it brought a beaming smile to my face. I then saw the artwork (by Ryan Graber) on the film's Facebook page today and hey presto, here it is. Greg and Sophea joined forces a couple of years ago to make the short biopic, Golden Voice, about the legendary singer Ros Sereysothea. Their latest venture was filmed in Cambodia and Los Angeles and should be out to view next year. Link: Two Shadows.
One of my old photos of Kratie, taken a decade ago; check out the artwork above.
A more recent picture taken in Chhlong; spot the artwork on the film poster above.

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