Friday, October 22, 2010

An insight

The upmarket Insight Guides Laos & Cambodia guidebook arrived on the bookshelves earlier this year. I only managed to leaf through it for the 1st time at Monument Books yesterday and its what you expect from the Insight Guides series, a 368 page glossy guide to the two countries with 25o colour photos enriching the text by long-time editors Andrew Forbes and David Henley. Very well produced, pretty thick and covering the main places you'd expect. A few nice touches here and there with editor's personal choices, it does what a guidebook should do, and it does it in full colour. If you want detailed information on every nook and cranny, then its not for you. In the internet resources section, I get a mention:
Andy Brouwer's Cambodia Tales. This site is by Andy Brouwer, a very keen Cambodia enthusiast. Personal experiences with interesting interviews and the latest news.



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