Thursday, October 21, 2010

Faces of the Delta 2

A face that has seen it all belonging to one of the older generation at Wat Sangva near Cau Ke
Here's another batch of Mekong Delta faces from our recent 10-day whizz around the southern tip of Vietnam. These pictures were snapped by Tim and myself as we made the most of our first-ever visit to the region.
A friendly face in the fields near Wat Champei Sophoan
We enjoyed a very pleasant evening meal with Tuyen and Huyen (stripes) in Tra Vinh
Uncle Ho playing it cool despite the location; the killing fields memorial at Ba Chuc
A different kind of face; this one is in stone and lies in a sculpture park outside Chau Doc
A lovely lady in her shop just outside the pagoda at Chua Co, outside of Tra Vinh
One of the effervescent fish sellers en route to Hon Chong
The local hero of Rach Gia, Nguyen Trung Truc, in the city's refurbished museum
Another member of the older generation, outside her home near Long Thanh
A proud monk at Wat Prasat Kong
This young women stopped playing games on her mobile long enough for this photograph to be taken at Hon Chong
Drying various products along the roadside is a common sight all over the Delta
This young girl actually asked me to take her picture as she skived classes at Wat Prasat Kong
More schoolgirls, also complete with mobile phones, en route to Ha Tien

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