Saturday, September 11, 2010

Well satisfied

Belle, in praying mantis mode, completes her final solo of the evening
Despite the plethora of events today I only managed to catch Belle and her Silver Bell dance group's 7th birthday bash at Chinese House tonight, which was packed to the rafters for a very entertaining series of mini performances, with Belle solos, group sessions and a slice of traditional dance and music amongst the mainly contemporary offerings. Chuck in a bit of comedy and we had just about everything. Belle was as brilliant as ever, appearing time and again during the hour long show, displaying her outstanding technique as well as her remarkable stamina and fitness. She really is a one-off. Her dance group, including her regular sidekick Leak, were on the top of their game too and the audience went home well-satisfied. More of the same please Belle and her Silver Bell disciples.
Wearing a face mask on stage is just another innovation from Belle. I still vividly recall her blindfold at Chenla.
Belle makes it look effortless but she has amazing stamina and fitness
Belle and Leak, one of her regular dance partners
Everybody was kung fu fighting...
The jubilant Silver Bell team after tonight's showcase of their considerable talents



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