Saturday, September 18, 2010

They're back

The wall decorations give the game away, it's Cambodian Space Project at the Alley Cat bar
There's no stopping the Cambodian Space Project. Fresh from their adventures in France, where they played quite a few gigs including a world music festival and had a whale of a time, they were back on home soil last week with a gig at Snow's bar and then last night played one of the more intimate (that's small to you and me) venue's at Alley Cat bar, tucked away in a small lane behind the Royal Palace. Tonight they will perform again, this time at the more spacious Equinox, where they played a stormer of a gig before their flight to France. Srey Thy and the boys have been busy getting down some new tunes, including one Srey Thy wrote in France about her lack of rice! She's looking trim and as gorgeous as ever and if you haven't heard her unique voice and delivery style, I recommend you get along tonight, or get hold of their new limited-edition vinyl picture-disc single called I'm Unsatisfied at metalpostcard. The band's leader Julien Poulson is back in town after some time away and with another new face on percussion, the size of the band just keeps increasing ready for the recording of their debut album, which should be happening next week. Expect a big bonanza of a show around Water Festival time and then the band's focus will fall on their intended tour of Australia at the start of next year. They also made the latest copy of Bangkok Airways in-flight magazine here.
Srey Thy exercising her lungs last night
Hips swaying, Srey Thy and Julien out front
It's important to look good whilst singing
Srey Thy danced her socks off last night - I love it
An enthusiastic audience member joins Srey Thy for some Khmer dancing
From my elevated position I can see Scott's tonsils
Srey Thy and Scott perform their acoustic section of the show

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