Monday, September 27, 2010

Stories on NPR

Some great coverage for John Burgess' Stories in Stone book which gets an airing on National Public Radio's On Point show here with help from Cambodian Living Arts and Dengue Fever. I read the book recently and really enjoyed it. In my view every Angkorian temple deserves a tribute book like this. And the good news for Dengue fever fans is that the band are planning a tour in Cambodia early next year and a new album for Spring.

In the early part of next month I'm looking at making a first-time trip to the Mekong Delta area. On the way out I will be exiting through Chau Doc whilst on the way back I'll be crossing the Vietnam-Cambodia border at Prek Chak, so I was interested to see that a massive hotel-casino has just this weekend opened up a kilometer from this hardly-used international border crossing. The Hatien Vegas Entertainment Resort - costing $50 million, 161 rooms - will bring work to lots of locals, possibly up to 1,000 employees, as well as Vietnamese tourist-gamblers. Casinos are common at the border crossings with Thailand and Vietnam and whilst they are not everyone's cup of tea, they do provide much-needed jobs for the local inhabitants.
Just heard on the grapevine that the weekly French-language newspaper Cambodge Soir will print its final issue this week. How sad. Even though its froggy-speak and I can't understand the lingo, it appeared to have some interesting stories each week (I could only look at the photos and read the odd word) and I'm sure the French will sorely miss it. Its backers have pulled the plug and it is mort comme un perroquet, as the French would say.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Andy I enjoy reading your blog. I stop by every day. Keep up the good work. You are one the greatest Khmer British guy I've known electronically since the year 2000. I wish you well in everything you do.

September 28, 2010 at 9:08 AM  

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