Friday, September 10, 2010

Spoilt for choice

Belle in full flow (courtesy of Anders Jiras)
I really am spoilt for choice tomorrow night when not only are the Cambodian Space Project playing live at Snow's bar across the Japanese Bridge on Chouy Changvar (at sunset), but the country's best contemporary dancer, Belle, will be strutting her stuff at Chinese House. I've decided to go with the latter as the Spacers will be at Equinox the following Saturday (18th) and as I can't be in two places at one time, Belle and her 10-strong Silver Bell dance crew get the nod. They will be on-stage at 7.30pm and the entry will cost you just $1. I recommend you attend either as the Spacers are fresh off the boat from their tour of France and are set to record their first album, whilst Belle is an extraordinary dancer and her crew are following in her footsteps to bring contemporary dance to the masses here in Cambodia. Also kicking off this weekend is the week-long Lakhaon Festival, put on by the folks from the French Cultural Center. Performances are free with a variety of traditional and French-influenced plays. Tomorrow morning at 9am there's an open rehearsal by the Khmer Arts Ensemble classical dance troupe at their Takhmao headquarters. The Khmer Arts team are just about to leave these shores for a tour in the US and this will be a rare opportunity to see them in action. And if you can speak Khmer, head to Bophana Center (Street 200) at 4pm tomorrow for Angkor, the Forest of Stones documentary, which looks at Cambodia's early history.
Other 'stuff' worth knowing about next week. The Cambodian Space Project are playing at the Alley Cat bar on Friday 17th, while the new Meta House are premiering in Cambodia on Tuesday night, The Conscience of Nhem En, a 26-minute documentary that was nominated for an Oscar in 2009. The film will be shown on other nights this month as well. Look out for Tuesday 28th when it will accompany the hour-long premiere of The True Story of Peng Phan, a former Cambodian actress who turned her home into an orphanage.

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